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Time-stamped thoughts matter. I wish Benji and team the best and hope this makes me feel slightly foolish in the years to come.

Go download it and give em a shot.

Since being in the beta, I have been asking myself things like “what don’t I get”, “is it just a crazy time of year to try and give this a shot” and “am I just old now?”

Rarely do I hold the simultaneous feelings of, I don’t feel compelled to personally use this with an immense proactive appreciation for what exists.

I really

Thoughts from an early user on Clubhouse’s magic.

First published in June 2020.

I’ve been talk-on-the-phone-first for the last three years. You can read about some of those explorations over here and there.

@ryandawidjan and small plug around for the next thing I’m doing around consumer communication with RIFF-→earsarethenewthumbs.com

This isn’t intended to be a news piece nor is it a hot take. If you’d like the former, see the NYT, TechCrunch, CNBC, and Wired. If you’d like the latter, please log in to Twitter.

A fuller picture

We’re loosing the stretch of road that comes before

Come across an interesting person. You smash that Follow button.

You may have learned about them in another context and then found they are active on twitter. You may have seen your friend tweeting with someone. Someone you follow RT’d something. Maybe you used daily140 to learn about new follows.

However it came to be doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you are now ready to listen to everything they have to say going forward. All of it → ideas, news, updates, comment, hot takes, announcements, and thoughts. …

You can’t land the plane without a runway. The same is true for trying to land a cold email or DM.

There are a few constants in the interactions of this digital world.

  • people (or at least thinking they are) seeking signal over noise
  • discovery of quality / relevant individuals is important focus personally and professionally
  • heightened focus on finding the real and underlying essence of a person, brand, or cultural trend
  • eagerness to discover, learn, and passively follow things of interest

Surface area develops as a result of these continuous actions. Surface area is the visual collection of online…

great visual #1

There’s the old adage, there are no new behaviors — just new ways to express, act on, and fulfill core human needs and wants.

I think of needs and wants as the human highway. The stronger and more consistent the need (food, shelter, physical & social connection), the larger and more densely packed the highway is….continuously going…a sea of red. Try to picture LA traffic the day before Thanksgiving.

A whimsical or passing want may be the ol’ one-lane route 56 crossing a countryside with a few passing cars.

Those that build new successful ‘consumer’ (social, CPG, fashion, etc) products…

Sneak-peaks are more powerful than messages.

Communication is a game of angles, drive-bys, and re-directs. Digital assets (threads, screenshots, and docs) give you creative abilities to convey certain information to certain types of people.

The most effective way to tell someone something is to let them see what you already told someone else.

Want to share advice? Let me see what you just sent an eager undergrad.

Want to lend some candid perspective? Share the email you just sent.

More advice? Just another email.

The medium is the message. There is a reason each of their thought…

People getting particular about pixels

What we feel comfortable sharing in a social network may change or evolve over time. What was once commonplace to post now becomes cringeworthy and “not another one of those” moments.

Aesthetic inflation is a steady increase in the baseline expectations of ‘quality’ and style of content shared within a social network. 📈 The photo you may have posted in a heartbeat four years ago isn’t something that you would feel compelled to have others see today.

Slowly but surely aesthetic inflation tends to root out the raw, candid, and whacky visuals that may thrive…

from the ’16 archives.

This is the Week Ahead (WA) format email I’ve been sending out on Sunday nights.

The goal is simple: we all have close friends that we want to stay in sync with and friendly acquaintances we want to bring more into the fold. We all want to hear each other’s thinking.

At first this was driven by the thought that offline 1v1s should really be accelerants to discuss something deeper and wider….with the appropriate context. We waste so much coffee time catching up and asking questions any twitter follower could. And I can barely piece together…

People sometimes tend to forget that behind handles, usernames, and avatars exist real people. The nuanced social dynamics that you feel at a dinner party of five are still present in a group chat with those same five. The tension of a large group at a meetup is the tension you may feel when sharing something with a large list.

Picture you are sitting down with your longtime childhood friend over a beer. Imagine the conversation that you may have with them. Latest Patriot’s win, a random memory, a story about a mutual friend, what happened on Friday night, who…

Ryan Dawidjan

building NYC products and teams. // 🗣 w/ modern friends. big heuristic guy.

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