Clubhouse: a *truly social* social network

A fuller picture

Talking Transforms

Why Can’t We Just Talk

Hanging out on Clubhouse. What’s that like?

  • You could just show up with friends at a certain time on the weekend reasonably confident other people are going to be there.
  • A friend could text you and say, hey it’s been a longtime…let’s find time to catchup and propose it as a spot.
  • A group of friends could say, we’re in your hood — come over and hang out if you’re around.
  • You could know some friends are listening to live-music at the venue.
  • Listen to your best friends talk
  • Talk with your best friends
  • Listen to your modern friends talk
  • Talk with your modern friends
  • Listen to strangers talk
  • Talk with strangers

What other elements of Clubhouse are unique or potentially helping it have a moment?

Civil Dialogue

Breaking Bubbles

Passive Pleasure

  • you believe you weren’t talking with friends as much as you wanted or needed
  • you realized that most nights (even if SF/LA/NYC), you don’t have much going on
  • we live in a networked world where discovering and engaging people outside of your zip code is not only fun but an increasing necessity for satisfying your work and interests
  • you know that tuning into a podcast at 7–10pm was not (and has never been) the look

Stars Collide

  • It will be tricky but they may not be all that opposed to each other. Distinct room types could definitely aid in thisby 1. establishing an expectation of what the experience is you are entering into and 2. controlling communication dynamics amongst speakers and listeners.
  • Everyday users talking in rooms talking about what just happened in other another room with a notable person may be the default gateway drug into learning how to talk on Clubhouse. A shared experience and shared reference point will eliminate the what do I/we talk about crickets problem?
  • Enabling some social graph features (Twitter graph auth or basic permissioning) will help tame the unruly dynamics as the numbers go up.
  • When will they actually?
  • Hundreds of thousands may not really be returning to an office in the next 12-18 months.
  • Millions have felt firsthand the power of talking to their world with a range of apps.
  • It may be a mistake to equate ‘the appetite and yearning for IRL collaborative communication within offices’ with ‘looking to talk with friends across the country and Internet’.
  • Will they? It could be at least six to nine months before you do this regularly without hesitation. Plenty of time for norms to change and momentum to build.
  • Most importantly, do all your friends or acquaintances live within ~10 miles of each other? How about maintaining or building friendships across the state, region, and country?
  • This isn’t like returning to the same college campus where 90% of your social bonds would be contained.
  • You would be surprised how many parents comprise the early contingent of avid Clubhouse users. They’re finding time away from kids and spouses in side bedrooms and walks with dogs to get their fix. Even if slight normalcy returns, they still don’t have convenient ways of connecting with friends and modern friends outside their city.





building NYC products and teams. // 🗣 w/ modern friends. big heuristic guy.

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Ryan Dawidjan

Ryan Dawidjan

building NYC products and teams. // 🗣 w/ modern friends. big heuristic guy.

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